About Us

Marana Group is a family owned and managed company, proud to partner with clients of all sizes to accomplish their data, document, and distribution needs. Since 1977, the Rhoa family has built a business rooted in personal service, flexible support, and innovative solutions.

While many of our solutions are pre-packaged, trusted and tested, available for immediate use, our greatest value is providing our clients with customized, engineered solutions to meet their unique needs.

Our clients encompass virtually every industry, from manufacturing and financial services to healthcare and government. Some have large budgets to take on big solutions, while others have modest budgets to target specific needs. But all our customers share a common goal — a desire to minimize the costs and improve efficiency of their data management, document processing, and distribution operations.

Marana is the Irish word for “think,” and the word “group” suggests a team.

Marana Group: Think Team.

This name reflects who we are today and who we will be in the future — unrestricted, dynamic, and adaptable.

Our History

It started, as most good things do, at a folding card table.

In 1977, Bob and Karen Rhoa used the metal Samsonite table and benches in their St. Joseph, Michigan, basement to launch Lake Michigan Mailers, Inc. Their idea was to assist businesses with mailing services.

The Rhoas’ first client was a customer experimenting with cutting-edge technology: cable television. Lake Michigan Mailers worked one week each month to distribute cable program guides and invoices to their client’s subscribers.

Today, the table and benches – dubbed the “good mojo table” – serves as a spot for cleaning supplies in the company’s warehouse.

A lot has changed since those basement days in the 1970s — both in the size of the company and the work we do. But some important things have remained constant: Lake Michigan Mailers — now Marana Group — has been a family owned and managed company for decades, partnering with clients of all sizes to accomplish their data, document, and distribution needs. Since 1977, the Rhoa family has built a business rooted in personal service, flexible support, and innovative solutions.

Capabilities Overview

When people ask us, “What does Marana Group do?” our quick answer is, “We provide solutions for data, documents, and distribution.”

The deeper, more complete answer, is we provide a continuum of solutions designed to help our customers handle their data, manage their documents, and control their distribution.

While we do offer pre-packaged services to meet a broad range of typical data, document, and distribution needs, our real strength is partnering with customers to engineer smart, strategic, and integrated solutions to their very personal projects.

Our approach to solutions can best be described as holistic and multidimensional. Less like a line that has a beginning, middle and end, and more like a wheel that is ever-changing and continuous.

Throughout our website, you will read about how we put our considerable experience and dedication to our client’s success into developing solutions to meet their specific requirements. While we do list some specific services on this site, our most exciting solutions are those that answer two questions:

“What if …?” and “Why not …?”

SOCII Assured

In today’s business environment outsourcing is an essential tool for improving efficiency and reducing costs. However, outsourcing is only as valuable as the service provider’s control methods set in place to protect the client’s information.  Marana Group is a leading provider of data management, document management, mail assembly, data and statement processing, messaging, and distribution solutions. We understand the importance of safeguarding data, and documents. We adhere to only the highest standards for data security and control. Our internal processes and controls relevant to security, availability, processing integrity, and confidentiality are examined annually by independent service auditors and found to meet or exceed the SOC 2 (formally SAS 70) standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) for Service Organizations.



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