Our Capabilities

Overview of Capabilities

When people ask us, “What does Marana Group do?” our quick answer is, “We provide solutions for data, documents, and distribution.”

The deeper, more complete answer, is we provide a continuum of solutions designed to help our customers handle their data, manage their documents, and control their distribution.

While we do offer pre-packaged services to meet a broad range of typical data, document, and distribution needs, our real strength is partnering with customers to engineer smart, strategic, and integrated solutions to their very personal projects.

Our approach to solutions can best be described as holistic and multidimensional. Less like a line that has a beginning, middle and end, and more like a wheel that is ever-changing and continuous.

Throughout our website, you will read about how we put our considerable experience and dedication to our client’s success into developing solutions to meet their specific requirements. While we do list some specific services on this site, our most exciting solutions are those that answer two questions: “What if …?” and “Why not …?”


Our data solutions cover virtually every aspect of data processing, data mining, and database management.

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We're ready to help create it, refine it, design it, secure it, scan it, archive it, or reimagine it.

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We have the expertise to navigate traditional, digital, and emerging ways to help our clients reach their customers effectively and efficiently.

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Breadth of Services

Work Safe and Welcome Back!

Marana Group President, David C. Rhoa, gives an overview of the options available to organizations re-opening or thinking about re-opening.

Reengage with Direct Mail

Marana Group President, David C. Rhoa, discusses the value of direct mail when reengaging with customers as COVID-19 work and travel restrictions are lifted.

COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Guide

Marana Group President, David C. Rhoa introduces the Marana Group COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Guide. The guide can be downloaded by following this link: https://bit.ly/covid19mgguide

Special Announcement about Daily Mail Service

Marana Group President, David C. Rhoa discusses possible changes to Daily Mail Service routes and collections times in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remittance Processing

Marana Group provides secure processing of all your remittances, to help you reduce costs, improve efficiency and cash flow, and get the most out your inbound material.

Kitting and Fulfillment

Getting the right items to the right people...at just the right time can be time consuming and labor intensive, But it doesn't have to be. When you have kitting and fulfillment needs, Marana Group can engineer a comprehensive solution including working with carriers to get the best pricing.

Document Management

It's supposed to be a paperless world, but the reality is paper still plays an important role in business. Marana Group can provide a comprehensive, engineered solutions for document scanning, data harvesting, indexing and storage using the newest technologies, and following industry best practices.

It's a Digital World

We live in a digital world. A place where ones and zeros are transformed into paper, and where paper-based information often gets turned into ones and zeros all at the blink of an eye. Marana Group has the expertise to help you put smart, strategic, and integrated solutions in place so that your information assets are accessible and available no matter what you need or when you need it.

  • Work Safe and Welcome Back!
  • Reengage with Direct Mail
  • COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Guide
  • Special Announcement about Daily Mail Service
  • Remittance Processing
  • Kitting and Fulfillment
  • Document Management
  • It's a Digital World