Projects: A Library Worth Of Books


Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Services Provided

Data Processing, Printing, Distribution


Handling the material as little as possible, Marana Group engineered a solution that validated mailing addresses, personalized each letter and dispersed all 225,000 units via 56 semitrailers throughout the U.S.

The logistics department of a global pharmaceutical manufacturer contacted Marana Group with a challenge: Print a personalized letter, include it with a hardcover book weighing 14 ounces, and deliver it to virtually every primary care physician in the United States. All 225,000 units needed to be shipped in 30 days.

The key to this project —which involved dealing with a finished weight of more than 105 tons — was handling the material as little as possible. Our engineered solution started with the validation of all provided addresses against the National Change of Address (NCOA) database of the U.S. Postal Service. Following verification, a shipping label for each address was created. The shipping labels were divided by destination and identified with a unique container code. This would allow the finished parcels to be containerized based on their proximity to one of the 28 U.S. Postal Service distribution centers in the continental United States.

We then created the personalized letter in full color and matched with the appropriate shipping label. The letter was folded, inserted into an envelope, and placed in the book four pages from the front, so as to appear on the dedication page. The assembled parcel was then placed in a padded envelope, and the shipping label applied. Then it was ready to be containerized for shipment.

To accomplish the shipment to the 28 U.S. Postal Service distribution sites, we arranged for 56 semitrailers to be properly loaded and dispatched. The entire project was completed in 28 days.