Projects: A Mountain Conquered


Human Resources Department

Services Provided

Document Scanning and Indexing


Marana Group collected more than 17 skids of unorganized records, scanned and indexed all the content and placed them in a searchable order. The entire project took 90 days.

The Human Resources Department of a regional long-term care facility was facing a mountain of boxes containing personnel records due to a recent acquisition of another company in the same field. The Human Resources Manager knew that if left unattended — or simply jammed into a single storage facility — the organization could face fines for failure to comply with Department of Labor and Center for Medicare Studies regulations.

A team from Marana Group was dispatched to develop a comprehensive and scalable program. Upon consultation with the client, our team determined the newly acquired documents would need to be cataloged and indexed so they could be properly migrated to the client’s existing document management system.

Our team collected more than 17 skids of boxed records — in no discernible order — from the client’s newly acquired locations and returned them to our secured facilities. Files were stripped of all staples, clips, and binders. Then, the individual documents were scanned and each was assigned a three-tier index that included the employee’s name, date of birth, and last four digits of their Social Security number. Once indexed, the scanned records were stored as images on our encrypted servers. As the scanning continued, a software application written by our team matched newly scanned documents with existing, indexed documents. When completed, we returned the physical records to the client, along with a complete electronic file of scanned documents properly indexed for future retrieval.

The entire project was completed in 90 days.