Online Retail Sales

Services Provided

Data Processing, Inventory, Kitting, Distribution


Marana Group developed a comprehensive, scalable, personalized solution and rolled it out in less than 10 days.

A start-up, web-based retailer needed help with product distribution. They had a great, custom product, but unless they could develop a method to quickly scale their distribution operation, the company would fail before it ever really got started.

Our team developed a comprehensive, scalable solution that included secure inventory management, on-demand kitting, product distribution, and direct-to-customer messaging. With our program, our client’s order data was imported from their website directly into our daily work flow. Requested material was removed from inventory, packed according to the client’s specifications, and shipped through one of a variety of vendors, depending on service requested by the recipient or lowest-cost alternative. Our Application Development team was even able to create and send a personalized email to the recipient with the client’s look and feel, providing parcel tracking information and a coupon code to be used on their next purchase.

The initial solution was rolled out in less than 10 days. Over the subsequent weeks and months, our team was able to offer significant platform improvements that allowed for ease of use on the part of our client.