Global Appliance Manufacturer

Services Provided

Package Design, Data Processing, Printing, Assembly, Distribution


In just 12 days, Marana Group safely delivered 130 bushels of freshly-picked Michigan apples to six U.S. Postal Service distribution sites throughout the Midwest. Letter carriers distributed one apple at a time to thousands of customers, fresh as the day they were picked.

The marketing agency for a global appliance manufacturer approached us with a unique conundrum: Deliver to 16,000 purchasing agents their client’s message of how their new refrigeration system would keep produce “as fresh as the day it was picked,” along with a single, tissue-wrapped, Michigan apple. The project had three key requirements; 1) Each apple had to arrive fresh and undamaged; 2) Marana Group would need to provide the apples, tissue, and all packaging materials necessary to complete the project; and 3) The project had to be completed in 15 days to correspond with an established national media launch date.

We divided the project into segments and assigned a Marana Group staff member to serve as coordinator for each segment. One coordinator worked with regional apple growers to select and acquire approximately 130 bushels of freshly picked apples, each with approximately the same weight. One coordinator worked with a third-party packaging designer to develop the specifications for the internal wrapping and external packaging. Another coordinator worked with the appliance manufacturer’s data to validate addresses and develop a distribution structure that would ensure prompt delivery through the U.S. Postal Service.

Once all the components of the project were assembled, Marana Group printed the client’s literature, packed the apples, then placed the apples and the literature into the designed box. A unique parcel label was created and applied to each finished box. Each completed box was placed on a skid based on its final destination. Marana Group delivered the skids to a half-dozen U.S. Postal Service distribution sites throughout the Midwest. The entire project was completed in 12 days.