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A customer service provider for more than 8,000 Michigan insurance agents relies on Marana Group to help streamline their services. Bogged down with duplicated efforts and manual data entry, the client was desperate for a better way.  Partnering with Marana Group, enabled them to eliminate pain points and consolidate vendors, resulting in fewer errors, decreased lead times, and full transparency across processes.

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$10+/month Lock Box Services
150+ Avg daily ACH fund transfers
400% Decrease in lead times

Customer Service Liaison: Insurance

Services Provided

Lockbox Services, Mailroom Services, Data Aggregation, IT Solutions


Marana Group eliminated unnecessary touch-points throughout the client's banking, printing, and mailing processes. This fully integrated IT solution reduced errors by 99.9%, shortened lead times by 400%, and simplified collaboration across departments.

Establishing efficient and adaptable systems in an industry as confusing and ever-changing as insurance sounds impossible — especially when those systems rely on manual data entry and duplicated efforts across a multitude of vendors. Add to that the 8,000+ insurance agent’s relying on those services for their own administrative and customer service operations, and you’ve got a recipe primed for disaster.

That kind of challenge is exactly the sort of project we crave. Through our analysis we were able to uncover inefficiencies throughout the vendor management process resulting in a significant loss of time and money. With that clarity, Marana Group got to work developing a solution that could eliminate unnecessary touch-points throughout their banking, printing, and mailing processes.

We introduced an IT solution that integrated their financial platform for statements, third-party provider’s and collections printing and devised a fully-integrated process that improved quality and efficiency immediately. In doing so, we eliminated the need for our client to manage complicated relationships with three separate vendors, including the exhaustive process of emailing spreadsheets and sharing data four ways.

Once we took the reins and introduced a streamlined process for mailing, banking, and printing, we saw immediate improvements that reduced errors by 99.9%, shortened lead times by 400%, and simplified collaboration across departments. More specifically, we were able to:

  • Support IT integration with their financial platform for statement, COBRA, and collections printing
  • Implement automated issue-resolution to improve satisfaction
  • Facilitate daily ACH funds transfers
  • Provide Business Reply scanning, physical delivery, and data aggregation when needed
  • Provide safe, secure lockbox services

Because they were now able to oversee a fully transparent system from initiation to completion, including the printing, processing, distribution, and delivery processes, our client was able to focus on what they do best, delivering the best possible customer experience and increasing satisfaction across the board.

Over the course of our partnership, we’ve been able to help this organization provide vital support to insurance agents that serve communities across the state of Michigan. In doing so, we’re proud to have helped another organization benefit from less friction and more transparency throughout the work they do.

At the end of the day, we’re constantly striving to bring peace of mind and maximum efficiency to clients just like this.