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A global leader in accessories and technologies empowers consumers to live more mobile lifestyles through an impressive portfolio of products. But, an outdated warehouse management system and fulfillment process burdened their ability to accurately meet consumer demands. Marana Group helped this client leverage technology to streamline their processes, recapture lost revenue, and most importantly, free up their team to look ahead and ensure the business is fit for the future. 

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$500K Saved
133% Faster Lead Time
80% Fewer Support Calls
97% Customer Satisfaction


Services Provided

E-Commerce Fulfillment Process, Real-Time Order Tracking, Integrated Data Systems, Packaging Design


Marana Group eliminated unnecessary touch-points throughout the client's banking, printing, and mailing processes. This fully-integrated IT solution reduced errors by 99.9%, shortened lead times by 400%, and simplified collaboration across departments

When this client approached us, they acknowledged that an outdated warehouse management system was holding them back. Not only did their existing processes rely heavily on human touch, it lacked automation and resulted in extended lead times. With a fulfillment accuracy rate creeping below 75%, the client knew something needed to change.

Marana Group set out to create a comprehensive solution that would leave the client – and their customers – feeling in control of the shopping experience from start to finish.

The first step was to develop an e-commerce fulfillment process with Six Sigma-level accuracy that could be implemented seamlessly throughout their global franchise network. This transformed what was formerly a major roadblock to growth into a competitive advantage that propelled them forward.

Their current order processing system made package sizes unpredictable which lead to unnecessary waste and shipping fees. By optimizing packaging options based on product lines and integrating their data systems, Marana Group was able to eliminate guesswork and help the client save time, money, and resources.

In addition to addressing internal operations, we saw an opportunity to improve the overall customer experience. By integrating an IT suite into the company’s ERP system, Marana Group helped the client reach a new level of transparency. Customers and internal team members could view real-time updates on orders, which reduced the number of complaints and calls to franchise support by 80%. Over time, not only did their team have increased capacity to take on new projects, but customer satisfaction improved dramatically.

As the company continues to grow, our solutions continue to evolve, ensuring the client is always fit for the future.