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Medical Practice

Services Provided

Data Processing, Application Development, Statement Creation, Distribution, Lockbox Processing


Digging into the project, Marana Group discovered deeper issues with the client’s data. We developed a comprehensive, secure solution that solved their problems and streamlined their process, all in less than 45 business days.

A multi-provider medical office came to us with what appeared to be a simple problem: They wanted their patient statements to have a new look and feel that more closely matched their other marketing collateral and office design. Our statement redesign would be used by their current statement processor for printing and mailing.

We quickly created a statement that met their needs and submitted it to them for provision to their current statement processing firm. The processing vendor told them that outside designs for their statements could not be accepted. As an alternative, the vendor offered them the choice of one of five static statement designs. As this did not meet their needs, the medical practice called us back and asked if there was anything we could do for them. “Of course we can help,” was our answer, and a team from Marana Group was assigned to work with the client.

When our team met with the practice’s manager and accountant, considerable effort was made to understand the practice’s data flow and document usage. After several hours of on-site and off-site consultation, our team designed a comprehensive solution for the medical practice.

Our solution started with the patient data. We developed a software application that would read their current data file and then consolidate the patient activity by service type, reducing the number of statement pages that needed to be printed and mailed. Next, we developed a plan allowing patients who opted in for electronic delivery to receive an email informing them their statement was ready for viewing. This approached significantly reduced their overall printing and mailing costs.

Through our consultation with the client, we discovered the practice was experiencing a workflow bottleneck when it came time to receive and process the patient’s payment. We developed a comprehensive lockbox solution that had inbound payments sent to a specific post office box owned by Marana Group. Once activated, patient payments would be received by Marana Group, opened, extracted, scanned, and submitted as a daily deposit to the client’s bank. We would then provide the client a daily report detailing all payments received.

The entire solution was implemented in less than 45 business days.