About Us

Marana Group is a family owned and managed company, proud to partner with clients of all sizes to accomplish their data, document, and distribution needs. Since 1977, the Rhoa family has built a business rooted in personal service, flexible support, and innovative solutions.

While many of our solutions are pre-packaged, trusted and tested, available for immediate use, our greatest value is providing our clients with customized, engineered solutions to meet their unique needs.

Our clients encompass virtually every industry, from manufacturing and financial services to healthcare and government. Some have large budgets to take on big solutions, while others have modest budgets to target specific needs. But all our customers share a common goal — a desire to minimize the costs and improve efficiency of their data management, document creation, and distribution operations.

Marana is the Irish word for "think," and the word "group" suggests a team.

Marana Group: Think Team.

This name reflects who we are today and who we will be in the future — unrestricted, dynamic, and adaptable.