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Our Vision

Marana Group strives to help you sharpen the way you work in order to tackle complex Supply Chain challenges head-on. By mitigating risk and eliminating inefficiencies, we’re able to empower you to use less while doing more. Because you shouldn’t have to lose sleep over data security or process improvement. Say goodbye to growing pains and hello to ease and efficiency.

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Company Overview

Since 1977, Marana Group has served as a leading provider of innovative solutions that are rooted in personal service, flexible support, and integrity. The company’s greatest value is the provision of customized, engineered solutions to meet the unique needs of its diverse client base. Marana Group’s clients encompass virtually every industry, from manufacturing and financial services to academia,  healthcare, government, and retail.

The word “Marana” is an Irish word for “think,” and the word “group” suggests a team. Marana Group: “Think Team”. This name reflects the organization’s current identity and who it will be in the future –  unrestricted, dynamic, and adaptable.