Sustainability is sensible.

Marana Group is committed to providing data, documents and distribution solutions in a manner that’s sensible and sustainable for the planet. It’s just good business.

From our strategic use of environmentally friendly equipment to minimizing print waste, we are focused on reducing our carbon footprint in the communities we serve.

Thoughtful. Embedded in our culture.

There are people who think all print is wasteful. We believe if it’s wasteful, it’s not being done correctly. We help our customers develop print and distribution strategies that are efficient and effective. Sometimes the best strategy involves no printing at all. And sometimes the best approach is to hone the customer’s market to a fine point, targeting precisely the right audience.

To us, sustainability goes beyond “not killing trees.” Our goal is to be truly sustainable across everything we do. It’s the way we manage our utilities. It’s replacing all of our lights with LEDs. It’s monitoring our waste and maximize recycling.

Like we said, it’s good business.

In 2012, we made a significant, sustainable change and began fueling our fleet with cleaner-burning propane autogas, cutting our gasoline consumption by more than 50 percent.

Fleet operators interested in learning more about Marana Group’s transition to propane autogas can contact David Rhoa at