Brand Story

‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ just might be the ultimate gatekeeper in business, it takes the wind right out of a company’s sails and stalls progress in favor of familiarity.

And we get it, the larger your business grows, the more complex operations become, the more people rely on you to deliver — why would you ever change things now?

Marana Group exists to mitigate risk, and provide the kind of insight that gives leaders the confidence and clarity to lead.

We’re like a tune-up for your business, helping you uncover issues, tighten operations, and leverage your existing assets in a way that ensures you and your team are fit for the future.

Leadership Team

Marana Group is lead by a team of dynamic thinkers from a broad range of backgrounds. With more than 75 years of combined service at Marana Group and more than 12 decades of experience in their fields, our team is poised to help streamline your internal processes so you go further than you ever thought possible.

Melissa Nisbet


Champions technology-based solutions that drive workflow efficiencies, reduced production timelines, and program savings.

Tim Nisbet

Chief Executive Officer

Develops holistic disruptive, industry-shifting print and fulfillment automation for the publication and marketing industries.

Jakub Kar-Ali

Chief Growth Officer

Crafts automation solutions that drive revenue and grow customers’ bottom-line profits. Brings a holistic approach; one that encompasses marketing, sales, and customer success.

Carisa Hostetler

VP of Finance & Administration

Manages the organization's cash flow, ensuring financial compliance, and maintains strong relationships with financial institutions, auditors, and investors.