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A leading healthcare system provider in Michigan continues to prioritize efficiency in order to provide seamless care to patients across the state. For nearly 40 years, Marana Group has championed comprehensive mailroom solutions and technological advancements, streamlining the client’s resources for growth. 

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100% Outsourced Mailroom Servies
1,500+ Labor Hours Saved
30% Print Waste Minimized
$2.5M Savings

Healthcare System

Services Provided

Mailroom Services, Mail Processing, IT Integration


Marana Group took over 100% of the mailroom activities and introduced a digital mailroom so the client could streamline their internal processes. This technology reduced printed output and waste by 30%, or $2.5M.

Hospital systems navigate extreme and diverse challenges on a daily basis. Managing the mailroom and internal corporate communications should not be one of them. Facing a resource shortage of time and hands, we presented a solution to help them sharpen their internal processes.

To remove the burden of mailroom management, Marana Group took over 100% of the daily mailroom activities. With 500% more incoming and outgoing mail than expected, and an almost entirely manual printing and digitizing process for statements, the opportunities for improvement were immense. By reallocating labor and introducing a digital mailroom, we were able to help the client streamline their internal processes so they can worry less about the mail and more about improving the care and experience of their patients.

In addition to the sheer quantity of mail, 70% of statement printing and digitizing was managed manually. Why? Because that’s how it was always done. The solution was relatively simple. We developed a technology that integrated directly with their healthcare platform for statement printing. In addition to improved efficiency and accuracy, this technology also minimized their printed output and waste by 30% or $2.5M.

The transition to a more efficient, data-driven workflow was not only vital in order to keep up with the demand of the modern business world, but has allowed the health system to stand out as a leader in patient experience care.

Over the course of nearly 4 decades, Marana Group has helped identify numerous opportunities to eliminate time, waste, and touches throughout the client’s corporate communications processes. From inner-office parcel delivery to corporate communications, and everything in between, we’ve championed their processes so they can focus on what they do best; while we do the same.

It all comes down to helping clients realize that sometimes the only difference between problems and opportunities is a change in perspective.